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We serve memories not just food!
Indian F&B industry is at the helm of a big change and there is a huge opportunity to take Indian cuisine to new heights locally and internationally. At the same time with globalization impacting the indian customer, there is also a big opportunity to showcase international cuisine from around the world in India. Good Times Restaurants laid its foundation 5 years ago to achieve that vision and is a joint partnership between Anu, Vikram and Rahul Bhambri that currently owns and operates more than 8 fine and casual dining restaurants across Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Gurgaon in India. The brands co-owned by Good Times Restaurants include Boombox Café, Fork You Too, Skooter, The Flying Saucer Café, Uncensored, Hybrid ,Light Camera Action and Teddy Boy.
Good Times Restaurants is now expanding internationally with plans to open modern Indian kitchen and lounge in San Francisco and Seattle. The goal for our team is to bring Indian cuisine on international map in a way that has never been presented before blending modern cooking techniques applied to Indian cuisine with a tradition going back more than 2000 years.
54 Tolstoy Lane, Janpath, New Delhi. India
Hybrid is a modern fast casual all restaurant and lounge in the heart of Delhi, Cannaught Place, India launched in June of 2015. As the name suggests, it has a unique concept of business café/restaurant in the afternoons and evenings and a modern eclectic lounge by night. Leading Chefs brings his experience in international cooking from downunder and focuses on blending modern cooking techniques to traditional indian and international cuisine. Live performances by Artists and DJs at the lounge through the week attract the cream of nation's capital to the restaurant.
Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. India
LCA as it is popularly known among Delhites is a restaurant and bar set up in the mecca for foodies in West Delhi. The theme is focused on bringing street foods of India and blending it with modern cooking techniques like moleclar gastronomy, fermentation etc. The restaurant's decor and ambiance takes its influence from popular bollywood movies. The restaurant is always buzzing with local crowds throughout the day and evenings making it one of the most popular restaurants in the area.
Viman Nagar, Pune. India
The biggest standalone bar (32k sqft indoor and outdoor space) in a fast growing tech hub in Pune, India. A 10k sqft open terrace provides a beautiful view to the whole city and the always perfect weather serves as the icing on the cake to delicious cuisine prepared under qualified and experienced chefs. Live performances from top artists combined with high quality food and cocktails make this the most happening place in Pune. The team of highly trained chefs create multi-cuisine heaven for locals and visitors alike.
Gurgaon, NCR. India
The first burger and steak joint Fork You was launched in 2012 as is running very successfully in another very popular location in New-Delhi, Hauz Khaz. Fork You Too is an all day burger bar and lounge in Gurgaon, the IT hub of NCR. This restaurant launched in 2014 and is growing very quickly both in terms of loyal customers and it’s standing in the market. A common theme across our restaurants is the amalgamation of food and music. This place is no different and ties the elements of hip,  modern music with juicy burgers and steaks.
Khan Market, New Delhi. India
Boombox Café is an all day multi-cuisine restaurant in the heart of most expensive real estate in Asia, Khan Market. The theme and ambiance of the restaurant takes you back to the 80s with good music vibe and graffiti on the walls. Running successfully since 2010. Variety of cuisine from Indian to Indo-Chinese and specialty cocktails with a Hookah lounge are the main draw besides the contemporary interiors and amazing customer service. Live DJ and performances make this a place to be at on any days of the week.
Hotel Samrat, New Delhi. India
Skooter was the first night club from Good Times restaurants launched in the heart of New-Delhi, India at Hotel Samrat (5 star hotel owned by Indian Govt.) It broke all records and was no 1 night club in Delhi for 3 years straight with top DJs performing at the club on weekly basis attracting huge crowds. The club is going through its rennovation right now and will reopen in late 2016.