Good Times Restaurants LLC. co-owned by Vikram, Anupama  and Rahul Bhambri currently operate more than 9 fine and casual dining restaurants across Delhi, Pune and NCR regions in India. The brands co-owned by Good Times Restaurants include Boombox Café, Fork You Too, Skooter, The Flying Saucer Café, Uncensored, Hybrid and LCA. The group is also in process of launching a series of new restaurants in the next few months. The new brands will be Uncensored, Teddy Boy and Rooh. The goal is to expand internationally in 2016 with first concept launch in San Francisco.
Meet The Team
  1. Rahul Bhambri
    Rahul is Director at two privately held companies in India. One focused on building industrial scale Effluent treatment plants for hospitality industry and the other one focused on manufacturing and distribution of bottled water under brand name Bailey in partnership with Parle, a public company in India. Rahul started in the hospitality industry 5 years ago with brother Vikram and now operate and run more than 9 formal and casual restaurants in India.
  2. Vikram Bhambri
    Vikram is the VP of PM and Engineering at EMC. Prior to his current role at EMC, Vikram spent 15 years at Microsoft. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University – India and holds a Masters in Computer Science from Griffith University – Australia. Based in San Francisco bay area, Vikram is an avid foodie and has been running a successful business venture of multiple restaurants with his brother Rahul and wife Anu for last 5 years.
  3. Anu Bhambri
    Anu has also been in the hi-tech industry for last 13 years have a strong passion for hospitality industry. She graduated in Bachelors of Science from Delhi University and was at Microsoft for 12 years of her career. She has been working hand in hand with Vikram and Rahul on launching and running the restaurants in India. She is now heading up the project to launch the first international restaurant in San Francisco area in 2016.